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Governance & Compliance 

This page covers:

 REGULATIONS RFU Regulations – your resource for the rules and regulations of rugby union in England.

SAFEGAURDINGChildren are the lifeblood of the game and it is crucial that they are cared for in the correct manner. The CB's Safeguarding Children Policy sets out the key principles as well as providing best practice guidance.



Information will be added soon


Information being added soon


RugbySafe provides guidance and resources for all rugby activity organisers on what needs to be in place. It is recognised that mental and physical wellbeing go hand in hand with developing a positive player welfare culture and keeping the rugby community healthy.


Clubs and all organisers of rugby activities have a responsibility towards the health and safety of players, staff and volunteers. Appropriate measures for training, first aid provision and equipment should be in place to ensure that rugby union is delivered to the highest standards in a safe and enjoyable environment.


RugbySafe information

A lot of RugbySafe information is now within the KYBO section of the RFU website.


In there are 10 separate toolkits to help you understand and deliver RugbySafe. These include – Being RugbySafe; RugbySafe essential guides; Forms and resources; Injury reporting and Incident recording; Community Rugby First Aid provision and information; First Aid training resources; Immediate Care practitioner information and training; Headcase; Activate; Mental wellbeing; Research.


There is also a link to a number of videos about various aspects of player safety.


Emergency First Aid Courses

This season, regulation within Age Grade Rugby became mandatory this. Although it has been known for a number of seasons it is appreciated that adequate numbers of First Aiders may take some time to be trained. There are a number of RFU course tutors within and near Durham. You can make initial contact to arrange a course using the link to the map below.   The RFU is currently recruiting more tutors for these courses. Also there is funding available through both the RFU and Durham for the RFU courses.


EFARU Educator Map.


Risk Assessment

This is an essential task this season. It will assist clubs to create a development plan on how they will become compliant with Regulation 9. All Clubs within the CB will be asked to complete a Risk Assessment each year. There is a tool provided by Howdens in association with England Rugby to help with the completion of this. The risk assessment proforma can be accessed at The England Rugby Insurance Centre.

We are aware of issues with this platform – the current advice is to print off and complete as a hard copy until the situation is resolved.




The RFU now work with London Heart to supply defibrillators to clubs. This organisation is also prepared to give advice to clubs about service and upkeep of their current device.

  DCRFU RugbySafe Lead
         Victoria Barrow


  DCRFU Safeguarding Officer
              Paul Geehan
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