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Coaching Information

Coaching Information

Durham County supports all coaches no matter what level you are involved in, to do this the county has a dedicated committee “Coaching Committee” ran by volunteers who have a coaching background and come from a range of different clubs.

The coaching committee runs a number of different projects funded by the county to help support coaches by providing them with development opportunities as well as providing opportunities for coaches to challenge themselves outside of their club environment with representative rugby.

How to become a coach

Want to develop your coaching pathway? We can help!

It is important when you start your coaching journey you understand that there is not a “one way” or “ladder” for coaches to progress “up”. Each group of players you work with provides different challenges; working with one group doesn’t make you a better coach than a coach working with a different group. It is vital that each coach has a skill set that suits the group they are working with; to develop these skills England Rugby runs fantastic courses enabling you to gain recognisable qualifications. For more information on courses please go to our “find a course” page.

Once you have decided you want to step into the world of coaching, your first point of contact should be the club coach co-ordinator (if you don’t know who that is please contact at your club. They will be able to work with you to identify the best way for you to progress as a coach and can often help by accessing club funds to help pay for qualifications.

If you don’t have a club but want to get involved in coaching than please contact

Once you have contacted your club coach co-ordinator (CCC) they will work to the guidelines on what you need for each age group? Check it out below!


There are lots of online resources for you to access to benefit your coaching, check some of them out here:


England Rugby Game Changer channel

Rugby Academy

Durham RFU Coaching Support

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