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Age Grade Update December 2020

Return to rugby - Age Grade

All age Grade teams can resume inter club games from the 18th December 2020 pro

viding they follow the amended rules as explained by the RFU Return to Play Webinar below:

Stage E - U7-U13

Stage E - U14-U18

All Durham Clubs are currently in a tier 3 area and can only play other teams in tier 3. Senior teams can only play teams within their area, this is either Tees Valley or North East Combined Area North of Tyne or North Combined Area South of Tyne.

U18s can play out of these areas, however this is not recommended and given that it will generally not be necessary we suggest all out teams stick to their appropriate area for games in order to minimise travel. Please note this may change if area tiers change after the 16th December when reviewed.

We would suggest teams look to resume existing fixtures from January 2021 based on the following

1. All proposed cup or festival fixtures are cancelled, a decision regarding playing these in the May extension will be made nearer the time.

2. Minis fixtures are all ready set in appropriate areas so can be followed with little amendment.

3. All fixtures should be discussed at an early date between the clubs involved to check agreement to play and any necessary measures required so both teams can comply with their risk assessments and RFU and Government guidance.

4.Existing Junior fixtures may be suitable but some may need to be cancelled and/or alternatives arranged with more local teams. Again teams need to organise this between clubs with agreement.

5. Colts teams will not have set league fixtures to follow. They should ideally organise friendly fixtures based on cluster of teams within their tier area. It may be necessary for some teams to use the exemption to go out of their tier 3 area if insufficient teams are available in their area.

Colin Snowdon

Age Grade Committee

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