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GMS and a Curry Help Night

Dear valued rugby volunteer We know that GMS is becoming a big part of the way we work in our game and that some people have encountered issues with the system. Durham County RFU is wanting to support those currently having issues with GMS no matter how big or small. We would like to invite you to a GMS and curry evening at Durham City RFC this Monday (28th October) 18:30-20:00. You can turn up at any time grab a plate of food, sit down and talk to local RFU staff and a special GMS expert about the problem you need fixing. If you can please being the laptop, tablet or phone you are using, the club has WiFi you will be able to access on the night. The aim of the night is to actively fix issues you have not talk about how the system could be better. Anyone is welcome, no issue is to small! If you want to attend please fill in the simple survey below asking what the issues is (will only take 30 seconds). This will ensure we put on enough food for everyone;

Take my survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NLY376H If you have issues but can not attend on Monday please contact lauralines@rfu.com

Many thanks

Erin Knotts DCRFU Administrator


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