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Re U15 GASP Festival at Kingston Park

Sunday the 24th November saw the Falcons Academy host the annual U15 DPP GASP festival at Kingston Park. The festival gives the players from the DPP in Cumbria, Durham and Northumberland the opportunity to showcase what they have learnt so far and also for the Falcons Academy coaches to look at the regions talent and start the process of selecting players to trial with them. On the day the players were all split into different squads and the coaches were also mixed up so that players and coaches got to work with different people which presents an interesting challenge.

The day saw some excellent rugby bein

g played and it was a pleasure to watch the players express themselves and to put into practice what they have been learning. It was brilliant to see the quality ways in which the players moved the ball and looked to exploit space and also the speed that they looked to play the game with.

David Hill said “As the Durham Player Pathway Manager I’m delighted to see and be part of the development journey these young players are embarking on. The quality of rugby on show was fantastic, fast attacking play and some really creative defensive work. All of the players should be very proud of themselves. I look forward to working with many of them as they progress their journey further on the pathway in Durham and beyond. “ #futurefalcons

From the perspective of the DPP in Durham this has provided the players with an excellent first experience of being involved with the Falcons Academy. The players and coaches did us proud and showed the rewards for the hard work that they all put in at sessions.

What it also showed was that coaches from the clubs coming to DPP sessions to see what we are doing is paying dividends in the wider game which is really positive.

Nominations for the U13 intake will be circulated to clubs and schools early December.

Andrew Kennedy

Durham ERDPP Manager

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