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Walking Rugby at Blaydon RFC

Walking sports seem to be taking over, and walking Rugby is no exception. Blaydon RFC are offering walking Rugby to anyone who would like to participate, no matter what your age or gender… and its FREE!

RFU staff are working with Blaydon RFC to make this a success, with Durham County CRC’s and RDO attending the sessions. Durham County RFU are also supporting the event, with our County Administrator and Chair of the Community Rugby Standing Committee attending training last week.

The session was well attended, allowing for competitive games and fun for all. It also links very well to the recent initiative #Backinthegame, creating a safe environment for people to get back into Rugby!

Well done to Bruce at Blaydon RFC for pushing the success of the programme.

For anyone who would like more information on how to get involved and get back into Rugby, please don’t hesitate to contact us –

Walking Rugby takes place at Blaydon RFC, Thursday’s, 10am.

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