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Andrew Arnell, Captain & Coach

BBOB Website Article

Brigade are absolutely devastated to announce that our Captain and Coach, Andrew Arnell passed away this morning.

Andrew started his rugby career at Rovers but moved over to Brigade at the beginning the 2012-13 season. Since then he has been the heart beat of the club, almost single handedly ensuring our survival when it looked as if we would fold a few seasons back. Andrew epitomised what it was to be a rugby player, never taking a backwards step on the pitch, no matter the difference in size, yet once the game was over you would struggle to find a more humble, unassuming man. He would make time for anyone and was always the first to welcome new players to the club. Andrew could cut teammates in half with a put down for not pulling their weight (if I was your size I would be playing for England being a personal favourite), but likewise would have you walking off the pitch feeling ten feet tall after giving you praise. Players would run through brick walls for Andrew, knowing that he would, and had, done the same for them. The pic shown is from our last game pre covid, which would ultimately prove to be Andrew’s last. He is shown, as usual, leading from the front.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Rachel, Dan, Olivia, Eric, Cath, Paul and the rest of the family at this heartbreaking time.

RIP Arnie, you were loved by everyone who had the pleasure of pulling on a shirt with you x

Durham County RFU would like to offer our thoughts to Andrew's family and friends at this difficult time. A true Rugby man, he will be missed in the DCRFU Rugby Community.

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