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Durham County Women’s Summer Social Festivals

Following almost 18 months of no playing and very little training, Durham County’s clubs’ Women’s teams grabbed the opportunity to get involved in a return to rugby set of events to get back on the pitch together, encourage players old and new to get involved and use as a recruitment tool.

Three different clubs kindly offered to host with Horden & Peterlee up first, then a month later, West Hartlepool and, lastly, Durham City for which we are eternally grateful to them, their volunteers and the referees who turned up to ensure everything went ahead as planned so thankyou to DCRFU Referee Society referees John Pearson, Joe Riddle, Adam Tweddle, Gary Strong, Michael Tonra and Alan Hughes!

A total of 12 different teams played in touch and full contact 10s with 10 teams at each festival, 2 in scorching heat and 1 in typical rugby weather, drizzly rain! It was great to see fantastic sportsmanship as players turned out to merge and help clubs make full teams and, in the process, new friends!

Off the back of this, teams have decided to meet and play in a once a month Friday night get together helped by organisation from Francesca Harding, W&Gs Committee Secretary!

With 222 tries scored and masses of social points accumulated across the festivals, it was going to be a close call as to who won what!

1st Summer Social Festival at Horden & Peterlee

TREDS Award winners

10s – Horden & Peterlee

Touch – Hartlepool Rovers

2nd Summer Social Festival at West Hartlepool

TREDS Award winners

10s – Novos (Northumberland guests)

Touch – DMP

3rd Summer Social Festival at Durham City

TREDS Award winners

10s – Novos

Touch – DMP

Overall Grand Winners!

10s – Horden & Peterlee

Touch - DMP

By Jan Duncan, DCRFU Women and Girls Chair

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