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Durham DDP Update

There seems to light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully a return to normality so now is a good time to share with you all dates for next season and also to explain the thinking behind the decisions made recently around DPP activity.

So first off it is probably best to explain why Durham has resisted starting sessions when other Counties have put sessions on. My belief is that we were best to allow players the opportunity to playing rugby and the other sports that they may be involved in without the added pressure of feeling that they have also to attend DPP sessions. Having seen some sessions at clubs and taken a couple it was apparent that players were understandably rusty and needed to get back to fitness and work on their basic skills in a familiar setting. Also our coaches needed to get back to delivering sessions to ensure that when we start again we can deliver to the hight standards that we set. I also took into account the fact that putting too much load onto players to quickly would increase their risk of injury and also with varying restrictions that were in place I did not want to add further stress to parents and carers having to get players to sessions.

So now we are looking to get back and the dates for the sessions up to Christmas are outlined below for the age groups, please note that there is no u14 activity in this period as they will join the programme after Christmas. U15 There will be an opportunity for coaches to nominate players to the DPP and there will be an induction session for the age group ahead of the area sessions.

For more information and dates read the PDF below.

DPP Update 2021
Download PDF • 294KB

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